My art is more often done with intention than not. I go to the canvas with purpose rather than flow, though perhaps this is part of personal evolution as I develop as an artist. Knowing this, I feel a sense of achievement when something is complete, whether or not it actually manifests into the initial vision. My creative expression is like many artists, professional or not, and like my peers, my paintings are reflective of an emotional process, as well as the creative one. There is also a symbolic quality to my work, almost always having a theme or some meaning I am aware of, thereby rendering very personal pieces… like talisman at this point. I have had to adjust, accept, and indeed, welcome the notion that one never knows what appeals to another with art. That is to say, a piece may not be appreciated for what I set out for myself in creating it, and yet appreciated nonetheless, and that fact is thrilling to me because essentially I can fail and succeed simultaneously.